It was in 2008 that the intention to create a unit of transformation of the plaster in Tataouine that had germinated for ten years began to emerge.


Launched by a new experienced and talented promoter, but mainly supported by a solid group financially « Groupe BENRHOUMA » The project was launched under the name of MEDGYP (Mediterranean Gypsum and Plaster).


Located in southern Tunisia (Tataouine) which encompasses one of the best gypsum reserves in the world but also one of the best qualities. MEDGYP quickly gained a foothold in the local market but also in the foreign market thanks to the efforts of its technical and financial staff despite the existence of two similar units in the sector.


Its seriousness and determination to continuous quality improvement of its product allows it to quickly undertake its first extension to increase its production capacity from 200T / d to 500 T / d


By the implementation of a second plaster unit using one of the best processes in the plaster sector.


The increase in production was quickly absorbed by the market, given the quality of the product and the correction of the managers.


The products STAFFMED, DECORMED, etc… are currently very solicited by the local and foreign professionals, since they have proved their conformity to the most demanding international standards.


As part of the diversification of its activities and in order to enhance the added value of plaster, MEDGYP has launched since 2015 other derivative products : projected plaster , tile adhesive, mortar projection, wall coating and sealing products which have gained a foothold despite the atrocious market competition.


In addition to these achievement ; quality of the gypse from MESTAOUA, competence of the managers, efficiency of the manufacturing process, MEDGYP relies on the loyalty of its well-selected customers, their know-how, their sense of belonging to the company and their determination to strengthen this win-win cooperation


« Let's work together for the future of Tunisian plaster » will remain the slogan that we raise.